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Ad Blocker for Safari
on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Vision Pro

Browse faster and without distractions, protect your online privacy, and save data.

Faster Websites
Data Savings
Positive Reviews Worldwide

Featured by Apple Three Times

and developed by independent team

Apple 2021

Essential Safari

Apple 2022

Standout Safari

Apple 2023

The Best Safari


Block ads on websites

Save data and speed up your Safari - block ads, trackers and unnecessary resources on your iPhone, iPad, Mac & Apple Vision Pro.

  • Background Filter Updates
  • Enhanced Regional Blocking
  • Support For Family Sharing
  • Parental Controls

Multiple Blocking Categories

Block Ads

4x faster loading, 50% less data

Bypass Anti-Adblock

circumvent adblock detectors (experimental)

Stop Tracking Scripts

preserve your privacy

Safe Browsing

block known malware pages

Block Adult Sites

make browsing safe for kids

Hide Cookie Prompts

remove obtrusive banners

Hide Article Comments

remove comment sections

Block Social Buttons

block social media tracking

Block Custom Webfonts

less data usage, faster rendering

Block Mining

block crypto mining scripts

Block Scripts

block all javascript files


Force secure website connection

215,000+ Positive Reviews Worldwide

I use the same ad blocker on my Mac. They don’t ask for weird permissions, and it works like a charm so I figured to use it on my phone as well. Really it’s a fantastic must have on both platforms. I have yet to see any ads slip past if I don’t want to see them.



it works perfectly. just download the app, open it, then go to your safari settings and turn the switches on. I've tested it and I'm not getting any ads. it's perfect!!



Covers every issue. Love that it block YouTube ads, and runs great. No performance drops!



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Support For iPhone, iPad, Mac & Apple Vision

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