Block YouTube Ads

To block ads on video platforms you have to use their web version inside of the Safari browser. This app can't block ads inside of the official apps or inside of other browsers like Chrome, FireFox, etc.

iOS / iPadOS 15+

1. Open in Safari
2. Tap on the 'aA' or '🧩' buttons
3. Tap 'Manage Extensions'
4. Enable 'AdBlock Pro'
5. Grant permissions 'Always Allow...' and 'Always Allow on This Website' for
6. Refresh website

Safari 15 Toolbar Extension


Enable AdBlock Pro video extension in Safari Settings and you are done.

Safari macOS Video Extension

iOS / iPadOS <14

1. Open in Safari
2. Tap on the share button
3. Scroll down until you find AdBlock Pro button
4. Select option to block YouTube ads from popup
5. Effect will last on that tab until next full refresh

Safari 14 Toolbar Action